Tuesday, May 10, 2016

{Long Recap Post}

Good morning Cupcakes!

WOW! It has been awhile since I've had time to write a blog post. Today's post is going to be a long recap post of things going on in my life recently. 

A couple weekends ago, I was able to go home to my parents' house. Both of my sisters were home that weekend, so we had some much needed family time.

I also was able to go to my boyfriend's grandma's birthday party. Here are two of the little cousins. I love little kiddos and babies :) 

One snack I love for traveling or on the go: Epic Bars. I bought this one from the Vitamin Shoppe.

Here is one of my half eaten breakfasts. It was 2 slices of low sodium ezekiel bread with 1 egg white muffin cup which had spinach and green onions. 

The next weekend I was able to travel to my undergraduate campus... PURDUE! I miss this place! It was so nice to be back and walk around campus. I have so many wonderful memories from this place. I took my sister's dog for a long walk on campus while she studied and took a test. My fitbit told me I walked 8 miles that day!

These are just some pictures from campus

We ate at Chipotle and I got a salad with chicken, fajita veggies, green salsa, and a side of brown rice. 

Another find from Vitamin Shoppe: D's Naturals Fluffbutter. It was bomb!

I am on a salad kick right now...

I was able to be home at my parents' house during Cinco De Mayo and we ordered mexican food from a local mexican restaurant. I ordered chicken fajitas (light on the oil). I eat the fajitas without the tortillas. 

Another thing I am loving at the moment, is freshly cooked dinners. Throughout graduate school I have meal prepped every week. This means I eat the same food all week long and sometimes it does not taste very fresh. I cannot wait to graduate and be able to cook dinners every night for my boyfriend and I. This was chicken with mushrooms and asparagus.

This is the view from my parents' front porch.

I am currently in California visiting my boyfriend. This will be my last visit before moving here. I get more and more excited every day to start my life here. When I got here on Sunday, we drove to the beach (Coronado). The sand on the beach had sparkles in it! 

 I made chicken, veggies, and sweet potato fries for dinner one night. 

We also love to go hiking. Here are some pictures from our hike yesterday. 

This morning I made waffles with my new waffle maker. I posted the recipe on my instagram if you are interested: @toriswholelife . I have a protein dip for my waffle as well!

Hopefully I will get some more awesome pictures while I am in California. I want to do a full travel recap post after this trip, so stay tuned for that. I am also going to do a BBG recap post after this trip. I will be half way through my BBG 12 week journey. 

Later Taters

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away."

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