Wednesday, April 19, 2017

{4 Ingredient, Macro Friendly, Protein Mug Cake}

Hello cupcakes! 

Back at it again with another macro friendly recipe. 

Before I tell you the recipe, let me tell you there is only 4 ingredients. Here are the macros:

159 calories, 1 g fat, 8 g carbs, & 30 g protein

Now...  the moment you all have been waiting for... THE RECIPE!

50 g egg whites
1 scoop (30 g) of Quest Peanut Butter Protein Powder
60 g canned pumpkin puree
1/4 tsp baking powder

Mix all ingredients together into a mug or small microwave safe bowl. Once combined, scoop about 1/4 c of the batter out and save it to use as a topping. Place the mug cake into the microwave & cook for 1 -1 1/2 minutes or until mug cake is set. Remove from the microwave & top with remaining batter!

Serves: 1

There you have it! A simple, easy, & macro friendly mug cake. I love to have this about an hour before bed because it helps keep me full throughout the night. You can experiment with different toppings if your macros allow for it (or if you are not counting macros). I would add things like PB, crushed up cereal, cinnamon, pecan pieces, ice cream, cream cheese, etc. Have fun with it! 

If you do recreate the recipe, tag me @toriswholelife and use #thesweetlife so I can see your creations.

Avatar Nutrition Update:

If you have followed my journey, you know this is my 4th week counting macros with the help of Avatar Nutrition. I love the accountability and the community that comes with this service. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Avatar, its a macro coaching system that allows you to put in your info, goals, etc. and it adjusts your weekly macros based on your weekly weigh in. 

Things I have noticed since starting:
1) I am more accountable for the food I am consuming. 
2) The good habit and strict counting is really starting to sink in on week 4 (makes sense based on habit research)
3) I love creating macro friendly recipes
4) Watching Youtube videos and interacting with the Avatar Facebook community is so helpful!
5) I am starting to lose inches even if the scale isn't moving much
6) Even though I am in a moderate cutting phase, I still have so much strength and energy in the gym
7) I know that my macros are going to decrease over the next couple weeks, but BRING IT ON!
8) Create staple meals in Myfitnesspal or whatever app you use to count. This makes it easier to plan ahead. I have meals that I truly love eating, so I am always looking forward to eating. 
9) Meal timing is everything when you are cutting macros!
I will keep updating you all! Hopefully I will post some progress photos soon. Also, my plan is to cut for another 4-8 weeks. Once my cut is over, I will begin a slow reverse diet phase with Avatar to increase my metabolism.

Later Taters

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away." 

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