Sunday, February 21, 2016

{MONQ} Aromatherapy

Hello cupcakes!

I recently got the opportunity to try out MONQ. It's pronounced "monk" if you are wondering.

Now before you start assuming what this is, let me take some time to tell you about this product. Below are some commonly asked questions about MONQ.

What is MONQ?
-recyclable diffuser that promotes mood change and various effects through our custom blends of essential oils and the ancient practice of aromatherapy
-MONQ is the simplest aromatherapy device in history

MONQ is made from whole-plant extracts of organic and wild-picked fruit, citrus and other florals. This means there are no tobacco products, no artificial ingredients, and no nicotine.

Is MONQ an e-cigarette?
No. MONQ is an Aromatherapy-based wellness diffuser, a modern update of an ancient tradition. It is not an e-cigarette, as it is completely free of nicotine, tobacco, artificial flavors and propylene glycol. MONQ is sometimes referred to as a vaporizer as it vaporizes the essential oils, and wild plant extracts.

Is MONQ for everyone?

Almost. However, people under 18 should not use MONQ. Neither should pregnant nor nursing women. While not illegal for those under 18, MONQ does not want to encourage the familiar ‘hand to mouth’ habit in impressionable children. Some essential oils are uterine stimulants, and should be avoided by pregnant women.

How do I use MONQ?
Breathe Therapeutic Air® into your mouth and exhale through your nose. This may provide the best experience because Aromatherapy is most effective when the aroma is closest to the nose’s Olfactory Nerve Endings. Gentle puffs are sufficient and your mouth does not need to wrap very tightly around the device. Each MONQ should last at least a week or two when used like this, and will provide for approximately 150 gentle puffs.

  • The University of Maryland Medical Center states, "Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants for healing...Whether inhaled or applied on the skin, essential oils are gaining new attention as an alternative treatment for infections, stress, and other health problems."
  • According to WEBMD, " Depending on the particular scent, aroma therapists say the oils can work to cleanse, stimulate, relax and even help control pain."
  • If you would like to learn more about Aromatherapy, follow this link:  Aromatherapy

Now for my personal experience... I have been using my ZEN MONQ for a week now. I have noticed I have been more relaxed and it has helped ease some of my stress. I have a pretty hectic schedule. I work my graduate assistantship for 20 hours a week, work my internship for 20 hours a week, and have 3 classes. I also workout everyday and I am currently going to physical therapy. I can see myself continuing to use MONQ for the aromatherapy benefits. I also like that I can carry it around with me. For example, if I had an aromatherapy diffuser, I could only use it at my apartment.

Here are the other options:

Vibrant MONQ
Sleepy MONQ
Healthy MONQ
Happy MONQ
Active MONQ

Has anyone else ever tried aromatherapy? What are your thoughts or opinions?

Later Taters

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  1. I love mine. So far I have only tried the Active. It is beautiful, love the light. It tastes amazing and feels so good. I will be buying this again. I thought it would taste horrible, but it doesn't. Definitely something that has helped calm me during my day to day.

    Melissa |

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Melissa & taking time to comment. I love hearing from new readers. I haven't tried the active one yet. I agree with you, the light is really neat. I hope you have a great holiday weekend.


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