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{Pinnertest} Food Intolerance Testing

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With many questions regarding my Pinner Test, I thought it would be fun to write a blog post about my experience. 

So I received my Pinner Test in the mail and this is what the package looked like:

Once I opened up the kit, this is what was inside. It came with a needle to prick your finger, a cleansing pad, a blood sample pack, and the envelope to send in your blood sample. 

Patch wanted in on the action too!

I opened up the needle package, cleansing wipe, and blood sample packet. Next, I used the wipe to clean the top portion of my finger and then pricked the top of my finger with the needle. This is just a little prick such as when a diabetic tests their blood sugar levels. After that, you drop a few drops of blood onto the blood sample pack. It is basically a little pad that absorbs the blood. Then I closed up the blood sample pack, put a band-aid on my finger, and placed the sample in the envelope. I placed the envelope in the mail. About 10 days later, I received my results via email. Here is what some of the results look like...

So there were only four foods that showed up on my test: potatoes (level 3), grapes (level 2), broccoli (level 1), & beef (level 1).  Level 1= low reaction, Level 2= moderate reaction, & Level 3= high reaction.

Here are some screen shots of the FAQ's: 

What I liked about the FAQ's is the company breaks down the importance of figuring out which foods you are intolerant to. 

Here is the link to the website: {Pinnertest}

So what is a food intolerance? 

"If your body has problems producing certain enzymes, you can experience a lifetime of health issues due to maldigestion. These reactions cause inflammation in your gut system and can lead to discomfort and health issues including weight gain due to carb cravings and slow metabolism, depression, headache, bloating, edema, fatigue, brain fog, stomach ache, acne, eczema and more"(Pinnertest). 

Also on the website linked above, are videos describing food intolerance. Also, here is a link to more videos and information: {Pinnertest Food Intolerance}

Now a little bit about my experience:

If any of you have known me personally, followed my blog, or followed my Instagram (@toriswholelife), then you know I have struggled with stomach issues. 

A couple years ago I started having really bad stomach aches, bad digestive problems, acid reflux, & allergies. The combination was not fun. I struggled to figure out the cause. I did an elimination diet and felt better after cutting out certain foods. That's when I gave up products with lactose. About 6 months after that I did my first round of Whole 30. Whole30 was such a good experience for me personally because it allowed me to understand my body and start to really pay attention to how foods made my whole body feel. My body felt better once I cut out the top allergen foods, but my stomach still gave me occasional problems such as bloating and stomach pains. This is why I was so excited to try Pinnertest. 

Since getting my results back, I have cut out the four foods that I have a reaction to: beef, broccoli, grapes, and regular potatoes. 
Image result for food intolerance symptoms chart

Above are the common symptoms of a food intolerance. Did you know a food intolerance can cause weight gain? Worsen allergies? Cause bloating? Cause headaches and mood swings? Pretty crazy right?

Here is a nice article I found that describes food intolerance a little more: {Food Intolerance}

If you have intolerance to foods, it is so important to read the ingredient lists on packaged foods. Personally, I try to consume mostly fresh, unprocessed foods because they are healthier and do not contain foods that cause me problems. 

Since cutting out those four foods plus lactose (because this gives me many problems as well), I have been less bloated and have not experienced any stomach problems. SCORE!!! I will keep everyone updated on my progress. 

How can you get a Pinnertest?

You can use the code "THESWEETLIFE" to save $60 on the test. 

The price will drop from $490 to $430

You also have the option of making 4 monthly payments to make the test more affordable. So the break down would be $107.50 for a total of 4 months. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about my experience using {PINNERTEST}.

Later Taters

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away." 

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