Sunday, December 11, 2016

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Hello cupcakes!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I wanted to share a recent package I received from Primal Kitchen. May of you probably know I am totally obsessed with collagen at the moment. It has so many wonderful health benefits (especially for your skin, hair, & nails). Primal Kitchen now has collagen bars! WHOOP!

Okay... so I am getting a little ahead of my self. Sorry, I just can't contain my excitement. 

Here are some previous posts about Primal Kitchen:

Okay now let me tell you where you can find Primal Kitchen Products. 

Primal Kitchen Products can now be found at many stores around the country (such as Kroger, Publix, Sprouts, and of course Whole Foods).  

Let me start off by talking about the new flavors of Primal Kitchen's Collagen Bars:

There's Dark Chocolate, Coconut Cashew, Macadamia Sea Salt, & Chocolate Hazelnut. 
  • Each bar has 15 grams of protein and only 3 grams of sugar. 
  • The bars also have more collagen than a cup of bone broth and even more than some leading collagen supplements. 
  • The bars are also rich in monounsaturated fats. 
  • They are an excellent source of prebiotic fiber for digestive health. 
  • The bars are free of refined sugar, gluten, grains, dairy, whey, & soy
  • Lower in carbs (only 12-15 grams per bar)
Let me know you the goods....

This is the Macadamia Sea Salt (which is my fav!)

This bars has a slight buttery, sweet taste from the macadamia nuts. This is also the lowest carb bar. 

This one is the Dark Chocolate Almond Bar

Who doesn't like the combo of almonds and dark chocolate? This bar is perfect for when I am craving chocolate because it also helps me fuel up with fats, proteins, and carbs instead of just sugar from candy or other junk foods. 

This bar is the Chocolate Hazelnut Bar

Did someone say Nutella!? This bar would be Nutella's healthy sister (insert winking emoji). This bar goes perfectly with a morning cup of coffee!

And last in the bar round up is Coconut Cashew.

This bar is pretty cool because it contains cashews, almonds, and pumpkin seeds which give the bars a nutty crunch. The coconut adds a sweet, creamy flavor to balance out the nutty crunch from the nuts. (This one is a close second to the Macadamia Sea Salt bar)

Now onto some bomb condiments...

Ranch Dressing & Chipotle Lime Mayo

The Ranch is DAIRY FREE!! The ranch is made with pure avocado oil, organic garlic, onion, dill, cage free organic eggs, nutritional yeast, black pepper, & chives. (There is NO buttermilk, gluten, soy, canola, or sugar!! YESSS!)

Also if you are on a round of Whole30, you can have the Ranch!

This stuff is seriously my absolute favorite condiment every invented... CHIPOTLE LIME MAYO!

If you follow my Instagram (@toriswholelife) you have been seeing me put this on everything! Currently I am obsessed with putting it on a whole wheat bagel or Ezekiel toast & topping it with an egg and Farm House Culture Jalapeno Kraut! BOMB!! DO it!

Here are the labels of these two.

If you want to get your hands on some goods for yourself, follow this link: {Primal Kitchen Shop}

You can also find the stuff at a grocery store or Amazon. 

To read the story behind Primal Kitchen, follow this link: {Mark's Story}

Later Taters

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away."

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