Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Granilla Bar Giveaway

Hello Cupcakes!

I have some exciting news to announce today..... I have a GRANILLA BAR GIVEAWAY!

I recently had the opportunity to work with the Granilla Bar Company, and I wanted to share these healthy, nutritious, paleo snacks with my readers. First off, let me introduce you to the company and the products. 

The company was created by a woman named Denise. Denise lives a Paleo lifestyle and loves to make Paleo recipes. She is also very active with Crossfit. The Granilla Bar is an all-natural, preservative free Paleo bar. I love that Denise strives to use the healthiest and purest ingredients in her products. These bars or cereal are great as a quick breakfast, pre-workout snack, or afternoon snack to hold you over until dinner. They can pretty much be eaten any time of the day. I love carrying snacks with me everywhere I go because I want to be prepare with healthy snacks just in case I get hungry. 

Here is the link: The Granilla Bar Shop

Let me tell you a little about the products...

The first flavor is the Cherry Maple Granilla Bar
This Cherry Maple bar is 100% Vegan. Its gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and grain free! Perfect for someone with food allergies or intolerance such as myself. These are also Paleo! When I tried this bar, I knew I was going to enjoy it. This flavor is lighter than some of the other flavors. I like the bites with cherries in them. If you are a maple syrup fan, you will like this flavor. 

The second flavor is the Dark Chocolate Honey Granilla Bar
The Dark Chocolate Honey was the first Granilla Bar I tried. I love chocolate, so this one hit the spot. It is the perfect amount of sweet and chocolate without being overly rich. The honey adds a little special touch to tie the whole bar together. Here is the nutrition of the Dark Chocolate Honey Bar. Also take a look at the ingredients: almonds, organic coconut, organic dark chocolate, honey, organic raisins, organic coconut oil, almond butter, almond meal, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pecans, water, organic sesame seeds, vanilla extract, flax seeds, and baking soda! WOW! These are all very healthy ingredients and I can pronounce every single one (this is something I look for when reading ingredient labels). Notice that there is healthy fats, healthy carbs, and protein all in this bar. This means it is going to keep you full for quite awhile. 

The third flavor is the Sunbutter Brownie
Sunbutter Brownie is a NUT-FREE bar! Denise makes her own sunbutter for this bar. How cool is that! Now it is very hard to choose a favorite flavor because each one is absolutely fabulous, but if I had to choose just one... This would be my favorite! I can think of many times in my life when I need something decadent and chocolately, but I like to eat healthy. This is perfect for those times in my life. This one is like a dessert to me. 

The company also offers 1/2 bars. How cute are these?  This one is the Maple Fruit Granilla Bar. It reminds me of the Cherry Maple bar. 
I can't get over how cute the 1/2 bars are. Sometimes I do not want to each much for a snack.  For example: sometimes I like to eat a little snack while I am cooking dinner or if I am on my way home from work. 
Lastly, here is the Dark Chocolate Cherry Crumble. 
The CRUMBLE is a delicious blend of Dark Chocolate Honey and Maple Fruit flavors.  Each piece is delicately cut by hand to ensure that each bite is a flavorful piece of heaven!  Crumble can be eaten with some milk or all by itself! I am going to try this crumble with some So Delicious Walnut Almond Milk! My favorite pieces of this are the ones with dark chocolate in them. Since I have been dairy free for about a year, I really miss chocolate. When I get a chance to eat some dairy free chocolate, it makes my day! So I want to thank Denise for making my day! You and your team rocks!

A little Granilla Bar tip: Denise also recommends putting the bars in the refrigerator if you do not plan on eating them soon (I froze some of mine). 

Here is the information about the GIVEAWAY:

One winner will receive:
A mixed dozen bars consisting of 4 Dark Chocolate Honey, 4 Cherry Maple, and 4 Sunbutter brownie as well as on 8oz bag of crumble all of which are from the Granilla Bar Company. 

To enter for the Granilla Bar Giveaway you must do these things:
1) Follow: @toriswholelife on Instagram
2) Follow: @thegranillabar on Instagram
3) Tag 1 person on my Instagram post about the giveaway (you can tag more than one person in separate comments for more entries) 

Second form of entry if you do not have an Instagram:
1) Subscribe to my blog
2) Share this blog post on someone's Facebook wall (more shares = more entries) 

Piece of Cake! Who wants some Granilla Bars? 

It's that simple! One Winner will be announced Sunday
How cute are these tanks? They also offer these on their website!

Later Taters

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away."


  1. Dumb question, what if we are already following you in Instagram? :)

    1. Then you are good to go! Just comment on my instagram post by tagging someone!

    2. Thought so, but wanted to be sure. :) Also, your skin looks very healthy and glows!

    3. Aww thank you so much Alyssa. That is so nice to hear. I went through a phase during undergrad where my face broke out like crazy. It is amazing what eating a healthy diet and properly caring for your skin can do! I also have an oily face, so my face appears shinier in pictures sometimes. Thank you for your kind words xoxo

    4. I have terrible acne, despite eating healthy!! I've tried for years to clear it up and I have had no luck. :( Dermatologist after dermatologist says the same thing. My doctor tested for PCOS, but the results were negative. I am determined to find something that works.

  2. I've done ALL OF THE ABOVE. :)

    Great giveaway, chickadee


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