Monday, May 11, 2015

My new journey...

hello cupcakes!

Today I decided to start blogging more for you all since I am beginning my new journey....

I haven't ran since my foot problems last June. I had foot surgery in August. Today was my first day back and I loved every second of it! I ran 3.13 miles at a 7:59 pace. Pretty proud of myself. I use an app called Map My Run and it tracks your route, distance, pace, etc. I will be keeping you updated on my progress. I am hoping to work back up to 5-6 miles with a 7:30-7 minute pace. I also am working on Intuitive Eating (check the book out on Amazon). So here is my food journal for today:

Upon waking: hot lemon water, 1 slice of gluten free bread spread with Coconut oil and cinnamon
Post Run;  2 eggs
Lunch: Fresh spring rolls (rice paper, red peppers, avocado, cucumbers) dipped in Walden Farms sesame ginger dressing
Snack: blueberries
Dinner: salad made with romaine lettuce, sunflower seeds, raisins, cucumbers, and deli low sodium turkey
Dessert: dairy free/gluten free dark chocolate protein cookies (I made them yesterday) warmed up in the microwave with 1 T dark chocolate almond butter and topped with one spoon full of So delicious cashew milk ice cream cappuccino flavor

This is what sounds good currently. If I get hungry I will most likely eat some more veggies with avocado or almonds. I am trying to cut down on the amount of meat I eat to save some money this summer!

Here are the workout videos I will complete in my apartment bedroom this evening:

Thigh Slimming Challenge
Arms- repeat video

Peace Out! Later Taters!

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