Friday, May 29, 2015

Today's at home workout & new challenge

Good morning cupcakes!

Today I did an at home workout and I have posted the links to the youtube videos below. You do not need any weights except for the Ab video. I used 15 lb dumbbell, but if you do not have a dumbbell you can find something heavy around your house to use!

Ab video
Total Body Burner
Thigh Slimming Video

I did each video once!

I also recently purchased a Fitbit! I am in love with it. I set my goal to 10,000 steps a day and I have reached my goal the first two days of using it. I think it is motivating for me and I find my evening walks (to reach my step goal) very relaxing after a crazy day of grad school stresses. I will keep you guys updated on my love for the Fitbit.

Lastly, I am starting the Whole 30 with one of my friends on Monday. I am pretty excited to challenge myself for 30 days! I know it will be tough, but I want to see how my body reacts to having no sugar, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, etc.  If you would like to follow along on the 30 day challenge here is the link to the website (I printed all of the downloads): WHOLE30

I am going to grocery shop and meal prep this weekend, so I will make a post about that process!

Do you have any questions for me? Comment below and I will try to answer them!


  1. I want to do this with you!!! Yes!! Starting tomorrow! Woot! :)

  2. Correction: I will start with you on Monday so we are on the same schedule!

  3. Can't wait to hear how your first day goes Alyssa! :D


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