Sunday, May 10, 2015

Today's apartment bedroom workout

Good afternoon cupcakes!

I had a great weekend at one of my best friend's wedding! I was one of her bridesmaids and I was so excited to spend her special day with her! The wedding was beautiful and of course the bride looked amazing :D As far as working out.... that was put on hold for a few days. I ate healthy all weekend since I knew I wouldn't have time to get my workout in. Today I was back at it. Since I was feeling lazy today I decided to stay in my apartment bedroom and complete my workout using YouTube videos. I don't have all of my weights, kettlebells, etc with me (I am getting them this weekend and bringing them back to school with me), so I found some workout videos that only use body weight and my yoga mat (which you don't have to use but I love mine because it reminds me of my boyfriend... he got it for me for Christmas this past year). Below I have posted the links to the videos.

20 minutes full body workout
7 minute ab workout
14 minute Leg workout

That's all I felt like doing today. Tomorrow I plan on going to my apartment gym to workout and haven't decided what I want to do there yet.

I also meal prepped this morning and made vegetable fresh spring rolls, salads, eggs, and cut up vegetables. I bought low sodium turkey breast from the deli that I added to my salads because I did not want to spend forever prepping food today. So this is your sign that you do not need a whole lot of time or money to food prep. I only spend 45 dollars at the grocery and only spent less than an hour food prepping.

Later Taters!

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