Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hello cupcakes! 

I have a little different blog post for you today. This post is dedicated to all of my female readers. If you are a male, you can pass over this post.

Did you know the FDA does not require tampon brands to disclose comprehensive ingredients?...Yeah neither did I until I read Simply Taralynn's blog post about {LOLA}. After reading some of Taralynn's blog post, I decided to do check out the company for myself.

Did you know the average woman uses 15,000 tampons or pads over her lifetime? Now that's a lot of tampons. I know I would feel better knowing I am not putting a bunch of harmful chemicals into my body each month. 

Lola Tampons are 100% cotton. This means they are natural and biodegradable. The plastic applicator is also BPA free. 

And if that is not enough for you... they deliver to your house each month! You will never have to make that quick trip to the drug store when you are out.

I like that you can choose how many of each tampon you want in your box. I got 9 light and 9 regular in each box. They also have super available. 

Try to find the ingredients used by large tampon companies, it's pretty much impossible! 

There is a cute little saying on the inside of each box, "This too shall pass." I think little encouraging words like this will help me during my next time of the month. It's the little things that make companies like this stand out to me. Lola cares about the health of their customers. 

I hope this post hits close to home for some of you and makes you reconsider some health and beauty products you are putting in and on your body.


Later Taters

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away."

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