Thursday, April 30, 2015

New at home workouts and recipes

Hello Cupcakes!

Since this semester is finally over for me (it's been a crazy ride...grad school= no life lol) I decided to catch you guys up on some of my favorite workout videos and recipes. I was getting bored with my daily gym routine, and when that happens I like to switch up my workouts so that I enjoy them more. Listed below are the workouts, equipment needed, and time of the video. I usually aim for 30 minutes or more so combine different videos if you want! Have fun and enjoy it!

Total Body Cardio Burn : all you need is yourself and a yoga mat if you have one! 24 minutes
Score a Bangin' Beach Body: all you need is yourself- 11 minutes
Ultimate Core Workout : all you need is yourself again!- 8 minutes
Cardio Slim and Sculpt : all you need is yourself - 11 minutes
Burn 300 calories in 30 minutes: all you need is a set of 5-10 lb dumbbells or other heavy object to hold
20 minute High Intensity Workout : all you need is a set of 5-10 lb dumbbells
8 minute full body Tabata workout: all you need is yourself

I hope you enjoy these workouts as much as I do :D

Now time for some recipes!!!

Spring Rolls

Avocado Chicken

All of these recipes are making me so hungry, so it's time for me to go make some dinner. I am going to have grilled turkey burgers (no bun because I can't have gluten, and no cheese because I can't have dairy... this means I am going to top mine with lettuce, onion and mustard!). I am also going to have grilled corn on the cob. I just had a snack two hours ago so dinner is going to be a bit smaller. 

Later Taters!

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