Sunday, April 3, 2016

{Rootz Nutrition}

Hello again Cupcakes!

I'm here to share with you some new Paleo Products. It is so hard to find products in the fitness and nutrition world that are Paleo, but {Rootz Nutrition} is one of them!

They have two products: Pre-workout & Post-workout supplements. 

Paleo Energizing-Superfood

Raspberry Lemonade
"Our Paleo Energizing-Superfood is a blend of natural superfoods, plants, and herbs that aims to provide sustained energy and the proper nutrients for high intensity exercise. This product is loaded with vitamins and minerals, and contains plant-based energy enhancers that will provide an extremely powerful boost for an amazing workout, and a sense of well-being that will continue well after taking this product."
Paleo Energizing-Superfood
The only down side of this pre-workout is the mix settles at the bottom of your cup. Make sure you shake or mix well before taking a gulp! The flavor of this pre-workout was good. I wouldn't say it tasted amazing, but I could tell that there were no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. Most artificial ingredients have a weird after taste, but this pre-workout did not have that! I drank this pre-workout before doing cardio and I did not get as tired. 
Here is the link if you would like to purchase or read about the ingredients of this product: {Pre-workout}
Paleo Protein Superfood
Chocolate Banana Nut
"Our Paleo Protein-Superfood contains egg white protein, hemp protein, and sacha inchi protein, combined with a blend of all natural superfoods to provide delicious post-workout nutrition that promotes the growth of lean muscle mass and overall health. This product contains only the cleanest ingredients available, and can be consumed as a post-workout protein shake or as a complete low calorie meal replacement at any time during the day. The Paleo Protein-Superfood contains a full spectrum of nutrients that will rejuvenate your body and get you ready for your next workout."
Paleo Protein-Superfood

I like that this is dairy free! Many of you know I cannot have lactose and it can be hard to find a variety of protein powders that are dairy free. One thing I really like about this powder is the amount of fiber. Most other protein powders have no fiber. The macros are also really good!

Here is the link if you would like to purchase this product or read the ingredients: {Post-workout}

Harrison is the creator of Rootz Nutrition. To read more about his inspiring story, follow this link: {Harrison & Rootz Nutrition}

Enjoy your day!

Later Taters

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away." 

*This is not a paid post, rather I am hoping to show my readers that eating healthy and clean does not have to be boring. I like to be real and honest with you, so I will only share products I have personally tried & ones that meet my expectations* 

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