Sunday, September 27, 2015

Black Bean Brownies

Good morning cupcakes!

I hope everyone is making the most out of their weekend! I wanted to share a new recipe with everyone. I was inspired by one of my roommates who made me black bean brownies for my birthday. Here is how my brownies turned out:

They are so gooey and delicious! They have just the right texture. If you are worried about the black beans in the brownies... please do not worry! You cannot taste a single black bean in this recipe. The beans replace the flour in a normal brownie recipe so that these brownies will have more fiber, protein, and vitamins. Who doesn't like a healthier brownie?

Here is my recipe (I adapted one from Chocolate Covered Katie):
*Some tips when making these brownies:
-Mine took a little longer to bake, but I used a glass 8x8 pan. I think I baked mine for 20-23 minutes. When I took them out of the oven they still looked under cooked, but I let them cool for 10 minutes and then placed them in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before cutting them. This worked best because they are so gooey and fall apart. 
-If you like less gooey brownies, you could use 4-5 T coconut flour 

Last night I grilled some chicken for meal prep and used some to make this delicious chicken veggie bowl. It has grilled chicken breast, cucumbers, green peppers, black olives, and banana peppers. 

This was my breakfast this morning. I had 1 banana and two eggs topped with homemade guac. I also had a little piece of my black bean brownies. 
Here was the best part of the eggs <3 

Remember: "It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away."

Later Taters xoxo

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  1. I have been meanign to make black bean brownies! I am going to an apple festival today, I am beyond excited!!

    1. Ah! I am so jealous! I love apple festivals! Eat some yummy apples for me :)

  2. It was wonderful!!

    Also, I have been reading up on VB6. It is a vegan diet before 6pm (or whenever dinner is). I tried it one day and I felt amazing. :) Downside, I am afraid I wouldn't get enough protein with the lifting and HIIT I do. :/


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