Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hello cupcakes and welcome back for another Friday Favorites. Here are the link ups: Momfessinals , A Little Bit of Everything , Grace and Love , A. Liz Adventures ,  & September F A R M . If you get a chance, check out their cute blogs!

My mind has been on fall things a lot lately, which is perfectly acceptable in my opinion now that it is finally September! 

1) First on my list is... COLD BREW COFFEE! If you follow me on Instagram (@toriswholelife) you know that I am obsessed with breakfast. I used to drink a pot of hot brew coffee a day, but then my acid reflux was awful! I recently discovered cold brew coffee at Trader Joe's. Since Trader Joe's is not near my apartment currently, I had to try to make my own. Let me tell you what... it is absolutely 100% do-able! It is so easy. If you want the recipe, follow this link to my previous blog post: Cold Brew Coffee . 
2) Second on my list is pumpkin everything!! I am also obsessed with this pumpkin cashew butter I recently made. I love experimenting with fall flavors. This is probably one of my favorite pumpkin things that I have made! Here is the link to the recipe: Pumpkin Cashew Butter . 

3) Third on my list this week is BulletsnLace jewelry! I recently purchased a pair of earrings from her and they are my favorite! Here is the link to her etsy products: BULLETSnLACE . I bought the Druzy Earrings in gunmetal (Pictured below). They were only $10 and they are handmade! Check her products out. 

4) Taralynn's Blanket Scarves! These are so adorable. I am in love with the plaid colors right now. I especially love the Football Friday Stadium Scarf. She has a bunch of different colors available. Here is the link to her site: Simply Taralynn's Fall Collection . She has other things too such as fall vests, flannels, and jewelry. 

5) Spin/ Cycling Class. I took a spin class for the first time a week ago. I was hooked! My boyfriend has a love for mountain biking and I am starting to think I may need to invest in a mountain bike soon! The spin class is more challenging than I thought it was going to be & I sweated a lot more than I thought I would. I have bad knees, so I am thinking biking may have to be my cardio of choice from now on. I love running so much, but my body won't be able to handle it forever. 

That's a wrap on Friday Favorites!

I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

LaTeR tAtErS! xoxo


  1. I wish I liked spin, running is so hard on your body. Love the scarf and that pumpkin cashew butter looks so yummy!

    1. I agree Amy! I love running so much but it is so hard on my legs. I have really bad knees so I like to do one day a week of spin class to give my knees a break. This way I still get my cardio in and sweat up a storm. I like to wear a sweatshirt when I do cardio. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! This makes me so happy :) if you ever try out my pumpkin cashew butter let me know!

  2. I love everything on your list except the spinning! I know so many people that are obsessed with it, but I've tried it but didn't see what the attraction was. My legs went numb after 30 minutes and it was torture from there on out! Yikes!

    1. Kristian! Welcome to my blog :) readers comments make my day. I only do one spin class a week, but I think it all depends on the teacher. I stopped going to the spin class offered at my Rec center on Tuesdays because I didn't enjoy the class at all. I determined it was the teacher because I love the Thursday class! What is your favorite type of cardio? Mine is the stair climber! :)


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