Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Gym Selfie?

Good morning cupcakes!

I was inspired this morning while doing my fasted cardio by an article in Cosmopolitan. The title of the article is "Why Taking Gym Selfies Is Actually Good for You." Here is the link to the article: Don't Hate the Healthie .

Here is a little part of the article:

"But what's so wrong about showing off your hard work? There's a double standard for men and women, says Pamela Rutledge, PhD, director of the Media Psychology Research Center. When former schlub Chris Pratt took a shirtless selfie, people praised him for giving up six-packs to sculpt one. 'But when Rihanna does it, she gets labeled a word I'd rather not use,' says Rutledge. 'Yet selfies let you take charge of your image. And if they depict you doing something you're proud of, they can be really self-motivating.' "

Yesterday I posted a picture of my progress using a picture of my legs and my stomach. As I was getting ready to post the pictures, I had a bunch of feelings and thoughts pop into my head. "What if readers don't want to see my progress selfies?" "What if I lose readers because of this photo?" "Is this appropriate to post?" These were just a few of my thoughts before posting. I decided to go ahead and blog about it because I think every person should have self confidence and love their body. If I love my body enough to post a picture of it, I think that is a huge accomplishment for me personally. Posting these pictures also helps keep me accountable. I want to be as real and honest in all of my posts! 

The Cosmo author also discusses how gym or healthie selfies keep people accountable. "One of the most effective ways to make behavioral changes is to keep track of your progress. Healthies are an instant way to log a huge amount of info compared to just writing, 'Awesome workout,' in a journal," Rutledge says. And if you're looking to lose weight, digital high-fives and accountability can help." 

I couldn't agree more!

The author goes on to discuss the other side of this. "On the flip side, if you find yourself hating how great someone's perky butt looks in her gym shorts that are basically bikini bottoms, you can always unfollow her — and anyone else who makes you feel discouraged instead of inspired."

The author closes with this statement which makes me smile, "Just remember that our real friends want what's best for us — a shot of my BFF doing pull-ups makes me feel proud, not inferior. Besides, when you're the one who's hiked the mountain, it won't matter what anyone else thinks anyway. You'll feel too good to care."

I just wanted to give you all confidence and tell you to be proud of what you have worked for. Let's help build up each others' self-love, self-confidence, and self-appreciation!

Here are some inspirational messages from my girl Brittany Dawn:

Later Taters xoxo

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away."


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