Wednesday, March 16, 2016

{California Adventures}

Hello cupcakes,

All I have to say is... WOW.. California is awesome! Words cannot even do it justice. I am going to try to walk you through some of the cool things I got to do while I was there.

The first morning, my boyfriend drove us to Oceanside to get breakfast out over the ocean.

There were so many people surfing!

The beach was beautiful and the people were all so friendly. This was as we were walking on the pier towards the restaurant.

And here is the cute little restaurant. It had a cute 80's style diner feel. It was kind of weird because as the waves were coming in you could feel the restaurant sway slightly.

Here was my bomb breakfast. I got egg whites with spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms. It came with an English muffin and fresh fruit.

Next, we drove to Torrey Pines. I think this is a state park if I remember correctly. The view was amazing! It was cool because you could walk out on this cliff and it overlooked the ocean.

My foot was a little sore still from getting released from my walking boot (not even a week before my trip). We had to take it a little easy, but I cannot wait to hike around this area more!

There were little walking paths every where!

After site seeing a little bit, I had my boyfriend take me to a vegan doughnut shop called Donut Panic. Here were the donuts we got...

The guy we talked to in the shop gave us a free cake doughnut to try. The cake doughnut was my boyfriends favorite!

After getting doughnuts, we drove to some other towns. This place was a little more mountainous. Oh and we also picked out a couch!

Here was my breakfast one morning: Gluten free oats with egg whites, 1 egg, & coconut oil.

One night we met up with my friends to do a wine tasting. One of our friends took some pictures of Cory and I...

The wine tasted so good! I loved trying all the different kinds. We started with more dry wines and moved to red wines and ended with sweeter wines. All together we got to try 6 different kinds. Here is a picture of us girls!

Here was our selfie as we were driving to the wine tasting.

One night after Cory was off work we went and had Mexican food. This was hands down the best Mexican food I have ever had! We ordered table side guacamole as an appetizer and the waiter made it fresh right in front of us! Sooo good!

We also split the fajitas. It was so cool because the waiter poured tequila over the fajitas and lit it on fire right in front of us. It came with shrimp, chicken, and steak!

My last day there we drove to meet some of our friends near Manhattan Beach. Here was our car selfie for that day...

That afternoon we were all starving, so we walked to Hermosa Beach which was actually closer than Manhattan Beach for us.  We ate at a really cool place called American Junkie.

I ordered shrimp tacos and they can with chips and salsa. 

After eating lunch (at 3pm haha) we ended up going to the beach closer to where our friends were staying. We brought a football with us! We also got to watch the sunset on the beach. I will share those pictures in another post. After the sun set, it started to get colder and we were not dressed appropriately. I had on a dress. So we decided to walk back and waited for our other friends to join us. We got to catch up with all four of them & it was a blast! 

Cory and I had a little drive ahead of us, so we decided to take off around 8pm. To get an idea of where we were at, here is a map. We were at Hermosa Beach and we had to drive back to Vista. It took us about 1 hour and 45 minutes. We stopped at In & Out Burger for my first In & Out experience 

Since I cannot have dairy, I ordered a hamburger and shared some of Cory's fries. When I got the burger, I realized it had their sauce on it. I did not know if it contained dairy or not, so I ended up just eating one side of the bun and the burger. The tomato, lettuce, and other half of the bun had the sauce on it. Next time, I will know what to order though. I am going to order double meat, no cheese or sauce, and protein style. Protein style means instead of buns, they wrap the burgers in a huge lettuce leaf!

We ended getting back to Cory's apartment around 11pm and I had to be up at 5am to get ready for my flight back home. I was pretty sleepy!

Here was a picture from my plane ride back to Indiana. The time changed on Sunday and I had to travel east, so I ended up losing four hours. The jet lag is starting to catch up to me. 

Overall, this trip was a blast! I cannot wait to go back and visit in May & eventually move there at the end of July! 

If you have never been to California, you must go!

Later Taters

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away."

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