Monday, March 16, 2015

Muscles over Fat plus workout videos

Good morning cupcakes!

To start off this post, I wanted to give you some good at home workout videos in case you cannot make it to the gym for whatever reason.
5 minute ABS
10 minute BUTT lift challenge
5 minute INNER THIGH challenge

Yoga with Adriene
Hip Openers
Arms and Abs

Full Body
Total Body

Tone it up
Arms and Abs
HIIT workout- 15 min.
Bikini Body Routine

Popsugar Fitness
40 minute workout- total body
#2 40 min. total body workout
#3 40 minute workout
#4 40 minute total body workout

Feel free to mix and match different videos to create a workout that fits your lifestyle. I like to do at least an hour of exercise everyday.

Update on my meal plan/cutting phase mentioned previously: Things are going very well, and I have all my meals prepped and ready to go! I make my protein shakes the night before so those are the only thing I have to make during the week. I am hoping to post another progress picture this coming weekend. My friend recently received a scale that links up to her iphone and tells you your body fat percentage. I am thinking about getting one of these because I love measuring my body fat percentage. I think this shows more than actual weight on the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat :D  Here is an example of  what I am talking about
I just pulled this photo from google images, but it shows the general idea. Muscle takes up less space in the body and also speeds up your metabolism. This is why the person on the left looks bigger and not as toned as she does in the right picture. 

Lifting weights will not make you manly. Female bodies cannot naturally look manly because we lack the testosterone levels that males have. 


Later Taters

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