Friday, March 27, 2015

New meal plan

Good Morning Cupcakes! I wanted to update you on my meal plan for this coming week. I am going grocery shopping today and I always like to have a meal plan to make a grocery list. Here is what it looks like in my app so I can track my macros:

I break this food down into 3 meal and 3 snacks per day to keep my metabolism burning. This equals out to eating about every 3 hours. 

I dropped carbs down a bit and increased my fat intake by a little. I also bought a scale (Previously I said I do not like to weigh myself... still true) This scale has body fat! Whoop whoop! So I made an excel sheet that has the specific days I will track my body fat %. I started Tuesday and will measure it every Tuesday until May 9th! My goal reach 20-19 % Body fat by then. 

Let me know if you guys have any questions to me! I have some good resources if you are looking to track your macros

Later Taters!


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