Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meal plan for next week

Good morning!! 

I created my meal plan for next week following my macro goal that I calculated previously (mentioned a few posts back). So when I create a meal plan I log it in my lose it app first to make sure it fits in my macros. I made a few small adjustments from last weeks meal plan such as different vegetables and 5g less fat. Here's what it looks like: 
My main goal for this weekend is to stick to my timed eating schedule and also stick to my meal plan. When I am home on weekends I tend to snack on things because I get bored. The first step is identifying times when I am eating out of boredom and to instead drink more water. Each time I feel like eating a snack off my meal plan I will drink 1/2 a big water bottle before eating something. This way I know if I am truly hungry. 

Any questions? 

Later taters 

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