Friday, March 6, 2015

Update on cutting phase

Hello cupcakes! 

So a week on the first meal plan and I've decided I want to add in more protein because I've began weightlifting more intensely. I purchased natural sun warrior protein powder on amazon (gluten free, dairy free, no artificial sweeteners! ). I also researched more cutting meal plans and I found these three: 
I have modified the top meal plan slightly to fit with my allergies and foods that I like. I will be meal prepping for this plan on Saturday march 14th. This week, ice my protein comes, I will incorporate that into my current meal plan it will look like this: 
Meal 1: one coconut flour cinnamon roll (1/3-1/2 c) and 2 boiled eggs
Meal 2: protein shake 
Meal 3: eggplant with ground turkey
Meal 4: 1oz almonds 1/2 banana
Meal 5; chicken breast with broccoli slaw
Meal 6: if hungry before bed 1 scoop of protein with almond milk

Keep up the hard work and today was day 21 of my yoga challenge.

Later taters


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