Monday, March 2, 2015

Start of the cutting phase- follow along

Good morning! So, if you have read my previous blog posts you know that today is the start of the cut! Portions are planned out, food prepped, and workouts planned. I will be doing 30 min. of interval training on the elliptical this morning, and then taking my sister and her friend to do this workout (posted below) after they get out of school today. 
This is the meal plan I will be following:

It also fits with the 21 day fix portions that I mentioned a while back. I will also be completing my Yoga Challenge Video today: DAY 17 YOGA challenge. If you do not have time to fully do the workouts I will complete today, you can refer back to previous posts for videos you can do at home.

Tell yourself one thing you love about your body today. 

For me: I love how much strength and energy I have now. 

I want this cutting phase to be fun and exciting. I am not eliminating any food groups from my diet which I think is very important. I will also be eating these meals every 3 hours which is important to keep the metabolism up in your body. I will be taking a probiotic, vitamin c tablets, fish/borage/flax oil supplement, magnesium, and a multivitamin. 

I cannot wait to post progress pictures for you! Summer officially starts June 21st, but I am shooting to have my summer body (by summer body, I am just hoping to tighten up a bit) by May 9th (one of my best friend's wedding- which is just two months away)

Who's in!?

Later Taters!

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