Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites!

Today I am linking up other blogs. Friday Favorite is hosted by: MomfessionalsA Little Bit of EverythingGrace and Love . I know two friends I went to high school with also do Friday Favorites: Miss Matilda May & She Who Longs To Be. If you get a chance go check them out!
I am also linking up with A. Liz Adventures . If you haven't checked out her blog yet...go for it! The design of her blog is adorable. 
Lastly, I am linking up with a darling blogger: September F A R M 

Now time for my Friday Favorites and what has been on my mind a lot lately:

1. Avocados 
I am so in love with avocados. I practically eat them at every meal. They are so good with eggs, sweet potatoes, chicken, on burger... again pretty much anything lol. They are also very good for you. It is a superfood! I tend to eat about 1/4-1/3 an avocado with a meal. 

2. Phone calls, text messages, and facetimes from my boyfriend
Since my boyfriend moved to Charlotte in May, I have come to truly appreciate the little things in our relationship. A simple "good morning beautiful" simply makes my whole day. Talking to him is definitely the best part of my day. Using facetime was a little weird at first, but let me tell you... it is so worth it to see his face! If you are in a long distance relationship don't let anyone tell you it won't work because if you know it will work then it will! I am a firm believer in trust and that is what makes a relationship work!

3. Stair climber
My favorite way to do cardio right now is to watch my favorite tv shows for 50-60 minutes while doing the stair climber. I love to sweat when I do cardio because it makes me feel accomplished and also helps me feel like I have sweated out any toxins. What is your favorite way to do cardio?

4. Quiet time

I truly appreciate the calmness of morning. I love waking up early and having time for myself. I think this sets my whole day up to be positive. Many people close to me will tell you I am a happy person about 95% of the time. This comes from taking time for myself and doing things to keep myself healthy. 

5. Lastly... eggs! yes with the yolks
I love eggs! I think I could eat them for every meal of the day. They are also so versatile. You can have them scrambled, fried, dippy, with vegetables, with fruit, you can have them on top of things, mixed in with things, you can pretty much do a million different things with them. Right now I am in love with the combo of 2-3 scrambled eggs, 1 piece of chopped prosciutto, avocado, and mushrooms! 

Well cupcakes, that concludes my Friday Favorites. Feel free to check out the other link up's blogs!


Later Taters


  1. I love avocados too. A few days ago I tried a slice of avocado on top of steak. It sounds like a weird combination, but it was really good!

    1. Angela! I think that combo is amazing! I've had it a few times before. Avocados are good on so many things! :) They're really good on burgers too!


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