Friday, August 21, 2015

Trip to Purdue plus Trader Joe's Haul

Good evening cupcakes! 

Grad school is starting on Monday, so I am trying to soak up the last couple days of freedom. Thursday morning I drove to Purdue to help my sister move into her studio apartment. She literally had soooo much stuff! It took my sister, my dad, and I more than 4 hours just to bring all of her stuff up to her apartment on the third floor. 

Well... I am getting a little ahead of myself. Let me start with breakfast that morning. I made eggs with prosciutto and spinach. I topped it with some avocado and had 1/2 a banana. I love breakfast and eggs are pretty much one of my favorites! I also used some hot sauce on top!

I made some kale chips too! One of my new roommates showed me how to make them! I like to eat them with my meals. They are actually very easy to make. I just put a couple handfuls onto a foil lined baking sheet and topped with some melted coconut oil and pink Himalayan salt. I baked them at 400 degrees. I don't know how long to cook them because I just go by how they look. About 3-5 minutes into baking, take them out and give them a little stir. Stick them back into the oven until they are crispy!
I also made some eggplant in the oven. I just slice the egg plant and bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes then flip them over and bake until tender. I topped mine with chicken, avocado, and salsa. I packed the leftovers to take with me to Purdue. 
Here was the breakfast I made to take with me to Purdue for the next morning. I knew my sister would not have any food that I really wanted to eat. I always try to stay prepared when traveling. This had eggs, avocado, mushrooms, and prosciutto. 
Once I got to Purdue, my dad wanted to take us out for lunch. He chose Scotty's Brewhouse. I knew they had things I could eat since I worked at a Scotty's Brewhouse last summer. I ordered the paleo bowl with a bison burger. You could choose any burger you wanted. The paleo bowl consisted of a burger, red onion, greens, tomatoes, and a side. I chose fresh fruit and put it in with my bowl so I didn't need dressing. 
After all of the walking Friday, my steps totaled 22,502 which is about 9.5 miles according to my fitbit. 
This morning on my way home I stopped at Trader Joe's in Indianapolis. I may have a slight obession with Trader Joe's now! Haha!
Here is what I got: cold brew coffee (less acidic since I have acid reflux), coconut water, watermelon juice, unsweetened berry green tea, cilantro lime chicken burgers, green beans, zucchini, eggs, coconut aloe water, bananas, avocados, raspberries, plaintain chips, and fresh figs. I have never tried fresh figs before and they were actually pretty tasty.The first fig I tried wasn't ripe enough, but the second one was sooo good. I decided to try to bake something using them!
Here is my favorite La Croix flavor so far! This one is so good! I also love the slim cans. 
So back to the fresh figs.... (I apologize for the unorganized post!)

Here is what I made out of the fresh figs. I tried to create healthy fig neutons. These are made with almond flour, egg, cinnamon, fresh figs, coconut oil, and hemp milk. I think these would be great warmed up with a little dairy free milk drizzled over top! Comment below if you would like me to post more about the recipe.

Happy Friday and the start to the weekend! 

Later taters! Peace~*

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