Sunday, August 2, 2015

Frozen yogurt and airport survival

Good morning!! 

Last night I was really craving ice cream and since I am lactose intolerant... It's been awhile since I've had some! I got on my phone and searched for frozen yogurt places in Charlotte that served a dairy free option. TCBY looked like it was the most promising. Cory and I headed there for some dessert! 

Here was my yogurt! I got dairy free coconut (made from silk coconut milk) and topped it with a sprinkle of coconut and pecans. The other flavor I tried was chocolate almond (also made from silk coconut milk). I topped that flavor with a sprinkle of almonds. Both flavor a were very good, but the coconut was my favorite! They had cute little separators at this frozen yogurt place. They were so cute! It also helped me stick to smaller portions. 
Here was Cory's frozen yogurt. He had all sorts of things. I think he had like four different flavors in there. 
I had to snap a picture of him! Today is his birthday!! If anyone knows him, wish him a happy birthday! 
Today I am traveling back to Indiana. I am flying so I thought I would do an airport survival post. I only pack a carry on because I do not want to pay the extra baggage fees and let's face it, I'm pretty low maintenance and can get by without much. I also packed an empty water bottle to fill up once I got past security. I packed some snacks. 

I packed the granola I bought yesterday at Luna's living kitchen.

I also packed the fruit bars I bought at Trader Joe's. 

I knew I would need some protein, so I picked up some edamame at the airport. 

Back home to good ol' Indiana! I have another vacation coming up on Saturday! 

Later taters! <3

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