Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Meal Plan for Next Week plus Workouts

Good morning cupcakes!

I have some exciting news! I am officially a taste tester for RXBar!!! I just received my first package in the mail for pumpkin spice. I am so excited to try it! I'm sure it will be amazing. What I love about this bar is that it is made with all natural ingredients. It is also dairy free & gluten free. There are no added sugars because it is sweetened with dates. The ingredient list is very short and I know every single thing I am putting in my body. The team also sent me a cute little note! So I just wanted to say thank you to the RXBar team for giving me this awesome opportunity!

I wanted to give you a snap shot into my meals I planned for next week. Sometimes this plan changes if I see something I want to cook with at the grocery store. But for now, this is what it is looking like.

Meal Plan:
Breakfast: eggs, avocado, mushrooms, & peppers
Lunch:lean ground turkey, zucchini noodles, tomato paste, red onion with avocado
Dinner:chicken sausage, plantain chips, and homemade guac

I will post pictures once I meal prep this weekend!

Here is a workout you could do at home from leg day:

4x20- each side- curtsy lunges
4x20 each side- standing kick backs
4x20 each side- leg swing across
4x20- each side- donkey kick backs w/ or w/o weight
4x15- leg raises on bed (squeeze glutes)
4x15- straight leg dead lift
4x20- each side- elevated sumo squat
4x12- each side- bulgarian split squat
4x20 calf raises
4x20- each side- lateral lunges
interval run for 15-30 minutes

Workout from back day (thanks to jen heward- youtube):
6 sets x 15 reps straight arm cable pull down
5 x 12 bent over row with barbell
5 x 15 cable rows
4 x 20 single arm overhead cable pull
4 x 20 lower back hyper extensions with weight
 * slow reps with max weight
walk 30 minutes

I had orientation for may internship yesterday and instead of eating out... I packed my lunch. I had a cilantro lime chicken burger from Trader Joe's, plantain chips also from Trader Joe's, and cashews. I try to have fat, protein, and carbs at every meal! This is super easy to carry with me and super easy to prep! No excuses.
Here are some banana pancakes I prepped. I mixed 2 eggs and 1 banana in a food processor. This is one serving. I like to triple the batch and use 6 eggs and 3 bananas so I have leftovers. 

Here is some granola I made. The recipe is in this post: Granola RECIPE

Peace out!

Later Taters!!

Enjoy your day today and remember: It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away!

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