Saturday, August 1, 2015

Last day in Charlotte

Hello my little cupcakes!

This is my last day in Charlotte for awhile. Tomorrow I head back home to good ol' Indiana. Cory took me to some places I have been wanting to go for a lonnnng time! First stop was Luna's Living Kitchen. One of my favorite bloggers, Taralynn, posted about a great place for people to try in Charlotte. It was Luna's Living Kitchen. Here is a link to her blog post: Simply Taralynn . Once I looked at their menu, I knew I had to try it. I placed an order online and Cory and I went to pick it up. I ordered the Grey Hulk smoothie which consisted of berries, bananas, hemp milk,spirulina, maca, and hemp protein. Cory wanted to try the Pinko Drinko which had orange, berries, banana, acai, bee pollen, lemonade, and ginger. He really liked it! Mine was so good too and much needed after my workout prior to the Charlotte Adventures. Here is the link to their website: Luna's Living Kitchen
Here is part of their smoothie menu.
The place was so cute. I can see myself going here quite often once I move to Charlotte. I wanted to get a picture of the inside, but it was pretty busy in there so it was a pretty quick trip in and out. 
Here was my smoothie :)
I also wanted to try some of their homemade granola. This was pretty dang good! I think I am going to snack on this tomorrow while traveling. 
Our next stop was the Charlotte Regional Farmer's Market. I was so surprised how much fresh produce they had there! I wanted to buy everything.... but I didn't buy anything since I am leaving tomorrow. I know... sad day! 
Cory tried some bbq chicken at the Farmer's Market. I tasted a little piece and it was good. The bbq sauce was killer!
Our third stop was Whole Foods! I have never been to a Whole Foods before and I was so excited to see what all they had inside. My mind was blown! I loved all the fresh foods and the salad bar was awesome! I will for sure be going back!
Cory and I both got some juices to try. I got a green juice and Cory got a fruit juice. 
Cory and I also both got salads to go with our dinner tonight. Look how delicious that looks! I cannot wait to eat it!
Here was some fresh pico I also picked up. I think I am going to use it as my dressing for my salad. 

What a great day with a great guy! He was so sweet to take me to all the places I have been dying to go to! What a trooper! I think he really enjoyed it too. His words were "Whole Foods is legit!" haha! Tonight we are going to make spicy chicken sausages (a new flavor than the ones I previously posted). 

Later Taters! I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

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