Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Charlotte visit post #1

Hello my little cupcakes!

I know it's been a few days since I have blogged, but I arrived in Charlotte Monday night! The city is absolutely beautiful and the weather has been perfect. It has also been so nice to see my boyfriend, Cory. I wanted to back track a few days because I captured some awesome photos back home in Indiana before I left. This rainbow was amazing! It stormed pretty bad for awhile and afterwards there was a double rainbow and you could see the whole thing! 

The night after the rainbow, the sky was lookin' mighty fine! Sometimes it feels good to visit your parents' house after being gone for awhile. 
On Monday, my friends (Misty and Whitney) and I left for Charlotte, NC. 
Yesterday Misty, Whitney, and I went to Trader Joes in Charlotte! I fell in love the moment I walked through the doors! They have so many cool things in there and the prices are really pretty good! I'm making Cory take me there tonight again! Misty and Whitney are walking through the doors in this picture. 
While Cory was at work... It was a pool day for us girls! This will be my view for the next week and a half while Cory is at work! It feels so good to relax after my first year of grad school. It almost feels weird not having anything to do or worry about doing. 
For dinner I made everyone some stuffed peppers. They were delicious! The recipe is really pretty easy! Let me know if anyone would like me to post the recipe ( comment below). 
For breakfast this morning I fried up two eggs in coconut oil and had a banana with some almond butter from Trader Joes. I like this brand of almond butter because almonds are the only ingredient. I usually make my own, but I don't have my food processor here. 
If you have an Instagram feel free to follow my food account. My user name is tor_whole30 . These are just some pictures I have posted so far on that Instagram! 
I can't wait to share more of my Charlotte experiences with you guys! 

Peace.. Later taters 

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