Friday, July 24, 2015

Crowder's Mountain

Hello!!! Today was probably one of my favorite days in Charlotte so far. Cory had today off work, so I woke up and made us some breakfast. I used some of the leftover potatoes from dinner last night. It turned out pretty bomb if I do say so myself.
This afternoon we drove to Crowder's Mountain. This is the skyline view of Charlotte on the way there.
As we were driving I told Cory that I thought this was the mountain we were about to climb.
This was the beginning of the path up the mountain. 
The hike up the mountain was about .8 miles and pretty steep. Towards the top of the trail there were a bunch of stairs to the top. As you can see we were well prepared. Cory had his camelback and hammock and I had a bag with snacks and water. 
Here is the first picture from the top of Crowder's Mountain. 
I am becoming obsessed with panoramic pictures. The view at the top was breathtaking. 
The big rock in the picture above is the same rock that Cory is sitting on in the picture below. I climbed up to join him after taking this picture. It was a good thing neither of us are scared of heights. 
We got a little adventurous and climbed over a bunch of rocks to get some cool views.
We climbed some rocks to get to a good place for Cory to set the hammock up. 
Sorry about this picture... it is a little sideways. 
This is one of the easier parts of the rock climbing. 
After our little adventure at the top of the mountain we hiked a different trail down the mountain. It was a little further about 1.8 miles. 
I packed these little bars for our hike. They are from Trader Joe's and I ate the apple coconut one. The only two ingredients are apples and coconuts. It was pretty tasty. I'm going to have to go back and get more!
I hope you enjoy the pictures! They don't do the view justice though!

Later Taters!

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