Sunday, July 5, 2015

Surprise trip to North Carolina

Hello cupcakes! 

I've had an exciting weekend! I made a surprise road trip to North Carolina to see my boyfriend! We haven't seen each other in five weeks, so it was much needed time together. 
The Virginias were beautiful! 
Here's a pretty cool courthouse! 
My boyfriend works for the Charlotte Hornets, so he gave us a tour around the arena. Charlotte is a beautiful city and I cannot wait to move there and explore! I will be back to visit Cory in 14 days! 
Here is a picture of the intercostal near ocean isle, NC. 
This was near a cute restaurant within walking distance of some of Cory's family's beach house.
This was the first night we stayed in the beach house. It was so windy! 
This tree is estimated to be 2000 years old! 
Our drive over to ocean isle! 
And... Here's the beach!! 
We both got pretty burnt this day! 
The family we stayed with have a boat and we took it out on the intercostal waters near ocean isle, NC. These are pictures from the boat ride.
This is were we launched the boat. 
This was our captain! 
This is the only picture from the fireworks. Too bad we couldn't have gotten a little better one. Cory's mom was sweet and tried to take a picture with the fireworks in the background but it was hard to get a good one. 
Cory and I had a little adventure in Myrtle beach when he took me to the airport today. We rode on a pretty cool Ferris wheel. 
This was the view from higher up!
Of course we had to take a few selfies.
It was an awesome trip and I'm so glad I had the experience! I cannot wait to come back and explore more. Cory and I have some pretty cool things planned to do. I will also be on my next whole30 while I'm down here, so I will post some pictures of my food. I will have a lot of time to cook so I think I'm gonna experiment with some new recipes. One thing I love about down here is all of the fresh produce stands. They are everywhere. 

 Next up.. Whole 30 round 2! Here is my grocery list for when I get back to good ol' Indiana. 
I'm gonna need a quick meal prep for the week so stand by for pictures of that! It's been an awesome long weekend! Peace out! 

Later taters! 


  1. YAY!!! So happy for the both of you. :)

    Wooohoooo tomorrow is round two of Whole30!!!! Meals prepped already--LET'S GO!


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