Thursday, July 9, 2015

How to get healthy

Good afternoon cupcakes!

I was browsing some social media sites this morning and I realized some people have no idea how to be healthy (both physically and mentally). I even fall into this trap sometimes. For example, I like to follow fitness accounts on Instagram and I often feel bad about myself because I cannot obtain their body shape. This is an unrealistic thought for me. I need to be happy with the way my body looks because I treat my body well by exercising daily and eating healthy.

I think to first be healthy physically, we must be healthy mentally! I used to always look in the mirror and see what body part I did not like at that moment. I have learned to stop these thoughts in their tracks and instead say something I love about my body. For example, instead of saying "gosh why can I not have abs like ___" I will say "I love how strong my shoulders are looking. They allow my to carry heavy things!" or "I love the definition I am starting to see in my legs... they allow me to walk, run, and complete daily tasks."

Instead of body shamming, let's start the trend of body loving! When I have a positive mindset, I am more likely to be happy, talk to others, eat healthy food (and a healthy amount), and exercise. So, the main point I am trying to get across is... Love YOURSELF! You are unique and BEAUTIFUL! <3

It also helps to encourage others. Tell someone something you love about them! Give others compliments and have them come from your heart. They do not have to be physical compliments; compliment people on their personalities. I love when people tell me how caring I am. I love when people tell me how nice of a person I am.

Let's INSPIRE each other to be the best versions of ourselves!

I hope you find LOVE, PEACE, and HAPPINESS within yourself today! 

Peace out... Later Taters!

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