Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stronger both physically and mentally

Hello cupcakes!

I wanted to share a little bit of my past to help some of you out there who are struggling. When negative self shaming thoughts enter my head about my body, I remember how far I have come! Lifting weights has changed me. It makes me feel strong. It helps me shape my body. If you are a girl, do not be afraid to lift weights. You will not look like a guy, I promise! Lifting weights builds lean muscle and tones while also boosting your metabolism. Here is a perfect example:
This picture was taken by one of my best friends during my second year of my undergraduate studies. I was a cardio bunny! I was so little and consuming hardly any calories because I was afraid of gaining weight. A few months after this picture was taken I started to lift weights (not little tiny weights, but heavier weights!). I started to build confidence in myself. Fast forward to today and I now have strong shoulders, a booty, and more energy! I am a happier and healtheir person than I was in that picture. Part of my confidence also comes from my amazing boyfriend who supports me and makes me feel special every single day! (Plus he likes the booty haha! ) So when I find myself thinking negatively about my body and how I wish it were smaller, I think about how much I have grown in the past few years. 

Following the whole30 and working out (a little cardio and weights six days a week) is the lifestyle I choose. It makes me a happier and healtheir person for myself and also makes me a better person for the people I care about. So the message I want to leave you with is love your body, cherish it, make healthy choices, and be happy! 

As one of my good friends say, "everyday is the greatest day ever!"

Later taters! 


  1. So proud of you! Lifting weights has definitely made me feel vetter overall, and HEAVY weights is key! You have come so far, keep it up!


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