Saturday, July 25, 2015

Waterfall adventures

Hello cupcakes! Today Cory and I went to see some waterfalls about two and a half hours away from Charlotte in a Transylvania County, NC. This was our view on the way to the mountains. 
It was an awesome drive and hardly felt like over two hours! We also had some great singing parties in the car haha!
At Dupont State Forest we visited four waterfalls. We hiked about 6.5 miles all together. The first trail we hiked was called Triple Falls Trail.
Here is the actual Triple Falls Waterfall. 

The next trail we hiked was High Falls Trail and it led us to High Falls Waterfall. This was Cory and I's favorite of the day. You can see a covered bridge at the top of the waterfall that we also hiked up to see.
Here is the covered bridge up close! Its a little dark in the picture. 
This was the view from the covered bridge. 
Here's a panoramic view of the covered bridge and top of High Falls. 
The next trail we took led us to a smaller waterfall called Grassy Creek Falls. 
On the hike back we decided to check out High Falls and get a little up close and personal.
On the right side of the picture you can see a bunch of rocks. We walked over all of those rocks to get to the base of the fall. Some kids were sliding down the waterfall on the left side of the waterfall. 
This panoramic picture is a little messed up due to the movement of people, but you can still see how amazing the waterfall looks! 
This was the last stop of the day. This waterfall was called Hooker Falls. People were jumping off the top of the waterfall and into the water at the base. It was kind of like a little lake at the bottom. People were swimming and floating around. 
After a long day of hiking, both of us were pretty hungry. We drove to a little town called Brevard. The street through town was lined with all kinds of little shops, cafes, and restaurants. We chose a little soup and sandwich shop called Mayberry's. 

A little fun fact about the waterfalls we visited today... parts of the first Hunger Games movie was shot there. Triple Falls provided some of the most iconic shots of the Games, such as when Katniss finds a wounded Peeta camouflaged among the rocks. There is a lot of stuff about where the producers filmed if you search on google. Pretty awesome!

Later Taters!

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