Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Charlotte food: HIS & HER

Hello cupcakes! 

How about another food post!? 

Here was my lunch yesterday. It consisted of leftovers from the night before. It had a cilantro lime chicken burger from trader Joe's, kale cooked in coconut oil, edamame, mushrooms, and onions. Along side was some delicious, refreshing coconut water. Make sure when you buy coconut water that it does not have any added sugars.

HER: So this is a little backwards but this was the dinner that I had the night before the picture above. It was the chicken burger, carrots, edamame, and a jalapeño I stuffed with chives, cilantro, garlic powder, and avocado. I wrapped it with prosciutto. The green tea was also from trader joe's. It was unsweetened blueberry pomegranate green tea. 
HIS: Cory made his chicken burger into a sandwich and put bbq sauce and macaroni and cheese on his sandwich. He had a side of Mac and cheese and a few carrots. 
Tonight's dinner:
I cooked some tuna steaks in coconut oil and seasoned them with pink Himalayan salt and pepper. I have never cooked them before, so I was a little nervous. I thought a nice dippy egg would taste great on top! The side was mixed veggies  I sautéed in coconut oil with garlic powder, pink Himalayan salt, and pepper. They were pre chopped from trader Joe's. Can you guys tell I am obsessed with Trader Joe's!? 

That's a wrap on my food the past couple days! I have been trying to eat as close to Whole30 as possible while on vacation! 

Later Taters! 

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