Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Whole 30, round 2, day 2

Good afternoon cupcakes,

Post #2 for today! This morning I had some cherries and 2 egg muffin cups. This may be my go to breakfast for awhile! I love the egg cups and cherries are so good during summer! 
Here was my workout for today:

I also figured I would take a photo of my progress so far and I can use it to compare once the Whole30 round 2 is over. This picture was taken when I first woke up this morning before eating or drinking any water. I tell you this to be realistic. My stomach will look a little different tonight before bed due to drinking lots of water and eating all day. My goal over the next 30 days is to get a little more ab definition. I noticed when I was finished with my first Whole30, I started to eat a little bit of sugar and grains again and I had digestive issues (not fun). I feel better when I eat by the Whole30 rules! Another goal of mine is to snack less during this Whole30. I am trying to limit myself to one snack a day. During my last Whole30 I snacked probably 2-3 times a day between meals. 

Every morning before I eat breakfast, I drink hot lemon water. This is so good for your body. I have posted all the benefits on a previous post. My lunch for today is the exact same as my lunch yesterday. The same for my dinner. I will be having chicken salad and roasted veggies for lunch and flounder and roasted veggies for dinner. My one snack today was after my workout and I had a banana and some homemade cashew butter. 

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Later Taters!

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