Thursday, December 3, 2015

Artisan Tropic

Hello cupcakes! 

I have some exciting products to share with you. So let me start off by asking... Who loves potato chips? Do you wish there was a healthy, and I mean truly healthy, alternative? Well look no further, I have the solution. 

A company called Artisan Tropic makes some awesome plantain and cassava chips. Check out their website: Artisan Tropic

Before I get started talking about the company and their products, take a look at these tasty, healthy nachos I made for lunch using the cassava and plantain chips. 

Artisan Tropic even has different flavor options. From left to right:  cinnamon plantain strips, cassava strips with sea salt, naturally sweet plantain strips, and plantain strips with sea salt. They sell both big and small bags of these. 

Check this out: 
  • The Plantain Strips and Cassava Strips contain only three ingredients or less
  • They have no preservatives
  • No artificial flavors
  • They are NON GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan and Paleo Certified. 
  • Perfect for dipping in any dip or salsa!

All of the nutritional information is listed on their sitePlantain & Cassava Strips

The company moved to Charlotte, NC in 1994 from Columbia (South America). Check out more of their story here: About Artisan Tropic . They also have a really cool video if you follow that link. 

The first flavor is the Sea Salt Plantain Strips:

These strips are so crunchy. I made my nachos out of this flavor. They are so versatile. You could use them for dipping, scooping, nachos, and much much more! Imagine these with guac! 

Just check out the size of these!

Let me share with you a little of the benefits of plantains:
  • Rich in potassium (more potassium than a banana), fiber, vitamin A, B complex vitamins, & vitamin C
  • Plantains are a resistant starch meaning you won't see a spike in blood sugar after eating
  • Resistant starch helps stimulate good bacteria in your intestines 

The next flavor: Cinnamon Plantain Strips:

Nom nom! These are slightly sweet and are prefect to tame a sweet tooth. The remind me of an elephant ear only way smaller and a lot healthier. Artisan Tropic mentions these would be great with coconut ice cream or coconut vanilla almond dip! 

The third flavor is the Sea Salt Cassava Strips:

I also used these for the healthy nachos pictured above. The texture is just like a potato chip. They are so light and crispy. One bonus... they have more fiber than a potato chip! These would also be amazing with salsa or guac. These strips have the perfect amount of sea salt. 

Here are some facts about cassava: 
  • Cassava is a Nightshade Free Vegetable. This means that unlike white potatoes, Cassava will not cause inflammation! It actually has amazing anti-inflammation properties and is recommended for those who have arthritis.
  • Its rich source of absorb-able manganese helps in the process of repairing joints.
  • It also has a high content of Vitamin B3, which helps to lower cholesterol and it contains three times the amount of Vitamin C per gram than a white potato.

The last flavor I tried was the Naturally Sweet Plantain Strips:

These little delightful strips are a taste of the tropics! There is no added sugar to these, just all natural sugar from the plantains. Artisan Tropic does it right when creating healthy food. I love that the ingredients are all ingredients I can pronounce. I also know what every single ingredient is on the short list. Artisan Tropic team, YOU ROCK!

Here is the plate of cassava strips and plantain chips before I topped them. 

You can use whatever ingredients you would like to make your own healthy nachos. I had ground deer meat, ground turkey, olives, and broccoli. 

I can see myself taking these bags of plantain and cassava strips to parties, road trips, hiking, beach trips, and so much more. The little bags are perfect for a grab and go snack. Today I am going to dip some plantain strips into my chicken, salsa, avocado mix!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Later Taters

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away." 

*I am only writing this post to inform my readers about products I truly care about. I am not getting paid to promote products on my blog. My readers are very important to me, so I like to share some of my favorite things!


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    1. They are so good! You would love them. I would love to follow you!


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