Sunday, December 6, 2015

Plum Paper & Discount Code

Hey cupcakes!

Are you obsessed with planners like me? Well I recently found a new company called: Plum Paper.

Their planners are unique because you get to design them yourself! Let me walk you through the one I designed and then I will explain some of the other options they have available and a discount code for you to create one for yourself. 

Here is my Plum Paper Planner:

1) You get to decide on a front cover and you can add your name, initials, etc. 

2) You get to choose when your planner starts. I chose mine to start December 2015

3) When you open the planner, it gives you an overview of each month

4) Next is an overview of the month with places for goals, birthdays, events, & notes

5) Next is an outline of the month. This also has room to write notes on the far left side

6) I chose the hourly layout because it works well for seeing my clients at my internship and also scheduling my crazy, busy grad school life. I like that there is a weekly checklist on the left hand side as well as daily checklists at the bottom of each day. 

7) At the end of each month, I added a notes page and a to- do list. I am always making to-do lists, so this will be a way to keep them all together. 

8) I also added a budget sheet to the end of each month. My new year's resolution is going to be using a budget. I am so excited to start this!

9) At the end of the planner there is a spot to write things for each month. For example, party invites, birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, etc. 

10) There are also places to write down all your passwords & contact information

11) And  a cute little place at the very end to keep important things. 

What do you  guys think? I am totally obsessed and totally nerding out right now. I may or may not be going to the store tomorrow to buy new pens and highlighters for this planner. 

Other layout options are: 
  • Horizontal
  • Lines
  • M-A-E
Other add in options:
  • My Home Planning
  • Fitness Planning
  • Meal Planning
  • Blog Planning
  • Direct Sales Planning
  • Baby Planning
  • Wedding Planning
  • My Class Section
  • Notes Pages
  • To-Do Pages
  • Bill Tracker Pages
  • Monthly Cleaning Pages
  • Checklist Pages
  • Contacts Pages
  • Stickers
To check out more of the options, visit here: Plum Paper Planner Options

Here is a discount code for you to receive 10% off your order: HEALTHNUT10

Later Taters

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away." 

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