Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bring on the weekend and studying for finals

Staying Healthy in College

So it is officially the weekend. Next week is finals week for me (my first semester of finals in grad school... whoo). My meals are already made for a week, so look to my previous post for my meals for the day. Today's workout will be at the gym:

20 minutes on the stair climber
HIIT workout:

Circuit 1:
-split lunges X 12 each leg with weight 
-Jump rope X 60 jumps
-squats X 20 with weight
-Jumping lunges until failure
Repeat 3 times

Circuit 2:
-Plank (bringing one leg into opposite elbow then switch sides, repeat) X 20
-Jump rope X 60 jumps
-Bench rows with weight X 12 each side
-Jump squats X 20
Repeat 3 times

Circuit 3:
-Bicep curls with lunge X 12 with weights
-Jump Rope X 60 jumps
-Triceps kickbacks X 12 each side with weights
-Walking plank X 15
Repeat 3 times

If you do not have time to do each circuit 3 times, then run through each circuit only once! Use weights that allow you to correctly perform the movements. 

Another tip: Drink LOTS of water throughout the day (you will have to go to the bathroom a lot, but that is a good thing!) As far as supplements I take 2 capsules of CLA a day, a multivitamin, & 2 capsules of BCAAs. 

People make excuses that they do not have time to exercise. Well, I am in grad school and I have a graduate assistantship and I still find time to exercise. If it is important to you, you will make time!

Here is a link to my healthy eating pinterest board: Healthy Recipes Healthy Recipes #2
Here is a link to my fitness, etc pinterest board: workouts & health

I also like to know how the breakdown of how many macronutrients I should be consuming. To find yours out follow this link: IIFYM calculator

As far as the rest of my weekend... I will be studying for 3 finals. 

Comment and let me know what type of blog post you guys would like! 

Later Taters!

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