Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tips for this season

1) Holiday Parties make it seem like you cannot stick to your healthy lifestyle. There are some things you can do to help you stay on track. Eat before you go to parties. This will leave you less hungry during the event and you won't seem to gobble up everything. Also, do not skip meals during the day to make up for calories you will consume there. It will only leave you feeling more hungry at the party as well as slowing your metabolism during the day.

2) Take emergency snacks with you everywhere. If you are going shopping, take some almonds, a banana, carrots and celery, etc with you. I like to take my meals with me if I am on the go. I just pack a little cooler and make sure I am still staying on track to reach my goals. It will help you save money and help your waistline.

3) Exercise! Stay active during the winter months. I know that it feels so good to stay in your nice cozy bed, but WAKE UP! GET UP! and GET MOVING! Set yourself up for success. If you do not have time to wake up in the morning and workout, make sure you are motivated to workout after work. If you have a gym membership, pack your bags in the morning so that you do not have to come home. If you are going to workout in the morning, set your gym stuff out the night before. It takes less effort to get ready to go in the morning if the prep is all done. Make a plan for the week and write it down. Keep yourself accountable.

4) I like to set up challenges to motivate myself. For example, if I knew I was going to a Christmas at my grandma and grandpa's, I would challenge myself by bringing a water bottle and saying I am going to drink 4  bottles of water while I am there (my water bottles are big -28oz, and I am usually at their house all day). Making sure you are hydrated is very important. Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst.

5) Comment below about what tips or advice you would like...pretty please! I would be more than happy to try to answer any questions in my next post!

Peace Out! Later taters!

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