Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holiday Challenge

I have been reflecting on my life a lot recently. Stress has gotten to me in the past couple years with graduate school applications and then actually starting grad school. I am happy with where life has taken me, but I want to challenge myself to get back to my "happy" weight. Now I would never consider myself overweight or anything, but personally I have a feel and look that I would like to be at. This is why I am considering doing a holiday challenge. Everyone always feels so miserable after the holidays because of the weight gain. What if we could spend time enjoying family time and intimate conversations instead of overfeeding our poor little stomachs? Joy can come from things besides food. The new way I am looking at food is for fuel! Would you overfill your gas car with bacon grease or cheese sauce? NO! So why would you want to overfill your stomach with junk and garbage when it will only leave you feeling miserable.

Set goals for yourself over the holiday season. Write them down (leave them in the comments below) to keep yourself accountable.

My goals for this holiday season:
1. Chew slow and savor every bite of food
2. Indulge in conversations with others rather than munching on food
3. Get my workouts in every day
4. Not to feel overstuffed after a holiday get together
5. Make sure to drink a bottle of water before every meal
6. Make my plate as colorful as possible (getting in vegetables at every meal)
7. Enjoy the reason for the holidays instead of making them revolve around food

This is my challenge for myself this year, and it starts TODAY. Why wait for tomorrow? BRING IT ON! Who's with me?

I am getting bored with my meal plan, so I will be planning a new one this week! (I get very excited for this... like really excited :D )

Peace...Later TATERS!

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