Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day 6 Challenge- ABS and top tips for dining out

Happy Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Today is Day 6 of the Yoga challenge and today's video is an "six pack abs" here is the link: YOGA DAY 6

Today my boyfriend is taking me to Scotty's brewhouse for lunch/dinner. I will post pictures of what I order.

My top tips for dining out:

1. A good tip is to check out the menu online before you go out to eat and pick ahead of time what you are going to get.

2. Always ask for alterations to your meal. For example, ask for no cheese or croutons on your salad. Ask for no butter on your steamed veggies. Little things like that will help you in sticking with your goals.

3. Skip the rolls or bread and get a side salad without cheese or croutons and dressing on the side

4. Never dump the whole container of dressing on your salad. I choose salsa sometimes instead of dressing.

5. Get protein and veggies Ex: plain chicken breast with steamed broccoli (ask for no butter) and a side salad w/o croutons or cheese dressing on the side. OR 4-6oz lean cut steak with seasonal steamed veggies (no butter) and a side salad (same as before)

6. Split a heavier meal with someone. If you want to indulge a little bit just stick to smaller portions

7. Drink lots of water before you go out to dinner and during your time at the restaurant- your waiter should be refilling your cup a lot! (sorry waiter or waitress ahah)

8. For me, a lot of places will understand if you can't have gluten and dairy and they will let the kitchen know!

Here are some links to some menus (look up the nutrition too!)

Red Lobster (menu) & Red Lobster Nutrition
Texas Roadhouse Menu & Nutrition
Scotty's Brewhouse Menu & Nutrition

Those are just a few to give you an idea. Look up the restaurant you are going to on google and then type ":menu" or "nutrition" after the name of the restaurant. Almost all places have their menu and nutrition! WHOOP!

Hopefully that is helpful, and remember to eat healthy throughout the rest of the day and the next day as well!

Later Taters!

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