Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Grocery List & how to spot sugar on food labels

Good morning cupcakes! Today is Day 9 of the yoga challenge. Here is today's video to follow: Day 9 Yoga- Full Potential Detox When I first heard of yoga, I was skeptical because I was always one to go hard on workouts. Ever since I have started, my body recovers so much faster from my workouts, my flexibility has improved, I have less back pain, and so on... To get to my point, if you have never tried it, give Yoga a chance! Just follow along with the FREE Yoga videos I have been posting every day.

I also did these videos:
And complete one hour of cardio on the stair stepper and elliptical

My Grocery List (for one week of meal prep) if you want to follow along with my meal plan:

-2 eggplants
- 1 container of cherry tomatoes
-1 red onion
-1 pkg. of lean ground turkey
-Garlic powder (or fresh garlic)
-Parsley (dried)

This makes my eggplant meal pictured in previous posts

-one whole chicken
-chili powder
-garlic powder
-dried onion flakes
-zucchini (I buy about 8-10 zucchinis at a time)
-7 sweet potatoes

This makes my taco chicken with zucchini and sweet potatoes (meal posted previously)

-1 cartons of eggs
-1 bag of mini peppers
-1 red onion
-1 bag of spinach
- 1 carton of mushrooms

This makes my omelets (baggie method posted previously)

-1 carton of eggs
- 12 bananas
-baking soda
-2 containers of baking cocoa

This makes my healthy brownies (posted previously)

-2 bags of Tilapia
- Mrs dash seasoning
-coconut oil
-romaine lettuce

This makes my tilapia tacos (lettuce leaf used as the shell)

-2-4 bags of frozen berries depending on the size (you should get enough for 3/4 c-1c daily)
-1 package of chia seeds (need 1 T daily)
-1 package of flax seeds (need 1 T daily)
-1 carton of unsweetened soy milk

This makes my chia/flax bowls that I have for breakfast (posted previously)

-2 bags of oven roasted almonds
-1 package of whole pitted dates

This makes my almond date bars (posted previously)

I shop at Aldi and it saves me a TON of money. All of these ingredients (except maybe the flax seeds) can be found there.

One bag of lemons for hot lemon water every morning
magnesium citrate (tablets- I get mine on amazon)
fish/borage/flax oil (tablets, also get from amazon)
vitamin C (tablets also from amazon)
Dairy free probiotic (tablet- amazon)
Multivitamin (bought this at target)

So a break down of each day
Breakfast: chia/flax berry bowl
Snack: omelet
Lunch: eggplant turkey mix
Snack 2: fish wrap
Dinner: taco chicken, sweet potatoes, zucchini
Dessert: almond date bite, 1-2 healthy brownies

I take my supplements in the morning with my hot lemon water. I also drink hot tea :D

My meal plans switch up when I get tired of eating something, so if you all want me to I can post grocery lists/meal prep every time it switches if it is helpful and you would like to follow along. Comment below and let me know!

Since going gluten and dairy free it is important for me to not get discouraged, I focus on what I CAN eat instead of what I cannot. This is a helpful mindset if you are trying to get healthy or lose weight too!

One common thing that many people do not know is how to spot sugar on ingredient labels. I found an article that is informative and helpful. Check it out: How to Spot Sugar in Ingredients List

I hope this is helpful!

Peace out! Later Taters


  1. Something that motivates me is eating nutritious food, because I noticed that if I have something not so healthy I feel terrible. When I exercise and eat healthy I feel better inside and out! My body is accustomed to working out 6x a week, and it is something I enjoy!

    I checked out Liz's blog and it is wonderful!

    Stay warm. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! It's great to hear feedback


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