Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thirsty for success- 5 reasons diets fail

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Here is today's food journal. If I am hungry and need more food today I will have more veggies and lean protein. Here is the link for the yoga video I am going to do: Yoga . I'm going to do bicep curls regular and wide for 3 sets of 12. I am going to do hammer curls regular and wide for 3 sets of 12. I am going to do lateral raises for 3 sets of 15. I am going to close with 3 sets of 10 wide push ups as long as my shoulder blade area does not start hurting. I am really missing doing full arm workouts, but I would rather be safe than make it worse.

So today's topic comes from this article (Hungry for change ) 

5 reasons diets fail:

#1 You choose will power over science- overall, you can only starve yourself for so long before you give in. This is where diets fail.When hunger increases so does your cravings and your metabolism slows way down. You need to eat enough to satisfy your biological appetite (real, whole fresh foods not processed junk food). Balance meals with protein, fat, and vegetables or low glycemic foods. 

#2 You focus on calories (eat less, exercise more): Some calories make you fat, some calories make you thin. What we now know is that any foods that spike insulin (sugar, flour and even excess grains, fruit and beans) trigger a shift in your metabolism. What does insulin do? It drives all the fuel in your blood from the food you just ate into your hungry fat cells (visceral or belly fat).Then, your body thinks you are starving even though you just ate a giant bagel or sucked down a Big Gulp. And remember, two things happen when your body thinks you are starving – you increase hunger and slow metabolism.Don’t use artificial sweeteners – they trigger sweet receptors, hunger and slow metabolism leading to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

#3 You eat a low fat dietHarvard scientist Walter Willet reviewed all the science on low fat and weight loss and found that it is not eating fat that makes you fat but sugar. 
  •  Eat good fats at every meal.
  •   Eat vegetable fats, such as avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut butter or oil
  •   Eat clean animal fats (organic eggs with the yolk, chicken, grass-fed meats) and fish with omega 3 fats (sardines, herring, wild salmon, black cod).
#4 You have hidden reasons: There are reasons beyond your diet or amount of exercise that affect your weight and metabolism. Your body is a system and many things affect metabolism. The biggest hidden causes of weight gain or resistance to weight loss are the things that cause inflammation. And inflammation from anything that triggers weight gain by worsening insulin resistance.

What causes inflammation?

Hidden food allergies or sensitivities. Gluten and dairy are the most common culprits. But don’t switch to gluten-free or dairy-free options. Gluten-free cakes and cookies are still cake and cookies. They are still very high in sugar and refined carbs and flours. Just try soy yogurt with the sweeteners. You wouldn’t eat it!

Try an elimination diet and take a probiotic

#5 You don't have a plan: health is something you have to plan like an appointment, vacation, etc. Create conditions that make it easy for you to live a healthy life. For example, keep healthy food in your house and get rid of processed and chemical loaded foods. Lay out your gym clothes the night before your morning workout. Pack your food the night before so that you have it ready before work or school. Grocery shop with a plan of the meals you are going to make. Plan your workout the day before. 

Later Taters!

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