Monday, February 9, 2015

30 day challenge

So, an avid reader mentioned the idea of a 30 day challenge. I am very excited. If you have been doing any of the yoga videos I post, then you kind of know what is coming. I have been doing yoga since January and have fallen in love with the way it makes my body feel and they confidence I have gained. Adriene from YouTube has a 30 day Yoga challenge that I thought would be cool to follow for 30 days straight. The videos are already posted on YouTube, but I will add the links each day to my blog. Yoga is great for many things as well as helping to strengthen the core. Here is the 30 day Yoga challenge:Yoga with Adriene. Another challenge I want to start the same time is a push-up challenge. To be a girl and able to do push-ups makes me feel very strong. For each day on the 30 day challenge I want you to add 5 more push-ups. For example, if you can get through 10 push-ups on the first day, add 5 and do 15 push-ups the next day. You can take breaks too if needed. What do you all think of this 30 day challenge? I want you all to comment below and keep me updated on how the challenge is going. I also challenge you to eliminate artificial sweeteners and all added sugars. Tough? Yes! Do able? Totally! I am here to help you and support you along the way

Yoga Day 1 Video: Click this for link . Today I also completed 40 minutes of stair climber and 20 minutes of elliptical. I am planning on doing an arm workout with weights (don't forget your push ups). 


  1. I am so excited! I am currently doing a challenge, so I am definitely going to take on the no added sugars!

    Also, I am freaking out because my clothes feel tighter (jeans) and I don't know why. It is that time of the month (coming up within the week), so maybe water weight? I feel so fat and terrible about myself. :/ I just need to get out of my!

  2. hopefully this helps normalize your situation Alyssa! Us other women are all with you! It happens to all of us, so don't freak out! Read this one too!

  3. Also, I have recently decided to eat vegan. I noticed my diet seldom consisted of meat, and I can't eat dairy anyways, soooo why not?! I love the way my body feels. :)


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