Monday, February 16, 2015

Some of my favorite workout videos

Good morning Cupcakes! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and Valentine's Day! I certainly did!

I thought I would start the week off by showing you guys some of my favorite at home workouts!

Here is today's 30 day Yoga challenge video: Day 8 Yoga

Here are some videos by category:

Adriana Legs
Legs and Thighs

Inner thighs:
5 minute inner thigh challenge
Lolo Jones Legs Challenge
Squat Challenge

Butt Lifting 10 minutes

Total Body (all 40 minute videos):
#1 Total Body
#2 Total Body
#3 Total Body

Tighten your Abs
Washboard Abs
Total Abs

Shoulder Workout

Biceps and Triceps:
10 minute arms

I hope that helps! If you plan on traveling somewhere, take your computer with you! You really can workout anywhere. If you do not have weights, just modify the moves. You can use anything heavy around the house or simply use your body weight. Focus on the mind body connection and you will still feel your muscles working!

Meal plan:

Pre-workout: hot lemon water, banana brownie and almond date bite
Post workout: chia seeds, frozen berries, and soy milk
Snack 1: egg plant, tomato/onion sauteed, and lean ground turkey
Lunch: taco chicken, zucchini, sweet potatoes
Snack 2: romaine lettuce and tilapia
Dinner: egg plant, tomato/onion sauteed, and lean ground turkey
Before bedtime snack: one healthy brownie and 1/4c soy milk
Supplements: probiotic, magnesium citrate, vitamin c, fish/flax/&borage oil

I eat small portions every 2-3 hours

Later Taters! Let me know which ones you like best!

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