Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Motivational Monday... Yes I know it's Wednesday

I was going to wait to post this on Monday, but then I thought why wait? (That's why the picture says Motivational Monday haha)What motivates you!? For me, I love pictures. Some of these pictures motivate me to focus on my portions so I can fit into some of these shorts and outfits this summer. March, April, and May that means three short months to really hammer down! What is going to be your motivation and inspiration? In all of these photos I was doing my favorite exercise (an hour of cardio a day) so I am excited that I have started that back up. Now I just need to get my portions under control. Has anyone seen the 21 day fix? I thought about trying those portion recommendations out for a few weeks. 
I would fall into the first column (thanks to my friend Liz who let me glance at her book-check out her blog as she completed the 21 day fix READ HER BLOG HERE). 

I think I want to break it down as to which containers I will eat throughout the day: Green = vegetables, purple=fruit, red= lean protein, yellow=carbs, blue = almonds for me, orange= I am gonna use chia seeds , tsp I'm gonna use flax seeds. This is my plan:
Breakfast: one purple, tsp, and orange, one red
Snack:one red and one green
Lunch: one red, one green, one yellow
Snack: one purple, one blue
Dinner: one red, one green, and one yellow

I may not limit myself to green containers because it love veggies but I would like to challenge myself to stick to the other containers. My only carb for yellow will be sweet potatoes because I can't have gluten. Green containers are about a cup and a half, purple = 1 cup, red 4-5 oz lean protein. Blue is 1/4 c of my almonds. I am going to start this today! Monday is a good day for me to start a new plan. 

Here is today's yoga challenge: DAY 10 YOGA CHALLENGE
The other videos I did: UPPER BODY WORKOUT & ABS

Peace! Later Taters! I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday and let me know in the comments below what motivates you!


  1. Did the yoga video today and LOVED it!

  2. Good Alyssa! I'm glad you liked it! Have you been following along every day or is this the first one you have tried?

  3. This is the first one I have tried! I was super sore from my workout the other day, so I figured I would try it. I used to do yoga a few times a week in addition to my exercise plan, but I haven't practiced in a while.


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