Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hump day motivation

Good morning! Here is something worth reading that I found while doing my cardio this morning (55 minutes of sweating! whew!) 

Also, checking in about the 30 day challenge.... how is everyone doing?! I am loving the way my body isn't as tight anymore. I feel revived after doing my morning yoga. I want to be more flexible and be safer from injuries. Here is the link for today's yoga Day 3 YOGA

Any nutrition topics you would like me to touch on? Here is today's eating plan:

Later Taters!


  1. Day 2 went well! :) Also, I LOVE these motivations. :) It is so true when you get down about even the smallest things. Keep going! :)

  2. Day 3= success! I had some cravings, but I drank water instead of having a mint (which had added sugar).

  3. I'm glad day 2 and 3 went well for you Alyssa! It's also good to know that the motivation helps you like it does me! Great job on avoiding the added sugar :D


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