Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 11 Whole30

Good afternoon cupcakes!

So... since my food today is exactly the same as yesterday, I will just tell you what I had. If you want pictures you can refer to yesterday's post.

Breakfast: bananas, strawberries, almond crumble, blueberries, and coconut milk

Breakfast #2: 2 eggs and some avocado

Lunch: carrots and homemade chicken salad (whole 30 approved homemade mayo)

Dinner: lean ground turkey, avocado, sweet potatoes, onions, peppers, and jalapenos.

Snack: apple, cherries

This morning I completed this workout:
kettletoning- 39 minutes

I will also be getting in my daily step goal of 10,000 steps.

She Thrives interviewed Melissa Hartwig and the blog post has a lot of great information. If you are curious about the Whole30, want to know more about it, and find out some of the "whys' to the creation of the Whole30 check this out: She Thrives Blog post

Today I planned out my grocery list for this weekend as well as tentative stuff to prep. I am trying to shake up my meal plans for you guys, but I am in love with these foods right now! I have also included some picture of inspiration for some meal ideas that I may try!

 Here is my list:
·         Bananas
·         Berries
·         Apples
·         Celery
·         Carrots
·         Avocados
·         Red onion
·         Red peppers
·         Jalapeno
·         Sweet potatoes
·         Coconut milk
·         Light olive oil
·         Eggs
·         Chicken breasts
·         LaCroix
·         Pecans- smaller package

Already have:
·         Lean ground  turkey
·         Coconut oil
·         Dry mustard
·         Cinnamon
·         Herbs
·         Pink Himalayan salt

·         Mini burgers with sweet potato buns served with cooked peppers and onions- topped with avocado
·         Fruit for breakfast with eggs and coconut milk
·         Chicken salad with grilled carrots & other veggies if I get some at the grocery

·         Snack if hungry: fruit with pecan/coconut butter

Hopefully this helps you all! 

Later taters!

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  1. Tuesday Meals & Exercise (Day 4)

    Exercise: 30 minutes weight lifting (legs)

    Breakfast: apple, coffee with unsweetened coconut milk, 2 eggs
    Lunch: chicken breast, sauteed mushrooms (used coconut oil)
    Snack: apple slices (from 2 apples)
    Dinner: sweet potato, sauteed mushrooms (used coconut oil), chicken breast

    Lots of water!


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