Saturday, June 20, 2015

Emergency snacks

Hello again! 

So... as a project break I decided to make some homemade Larabars. According to the Whole30, these are approved because the only ingredients are whole dates, raw cashews, unsweetened coconut, and pink Himalayan salt. Word of caution though... these should not be eaten when you are craving something sweet or are emotional eating. These are used for emergency snacks ONLY. For example, in a month I will be road trippin' it with a friend to NC to see my boyfriend. I will take these to eat when I don't have my daily meals with me. They will also be a good hiking snack. 
I made 9 of these bars. There are a ton of different recipes on Pinterest, but I chose this one!

2 cups of whole dates (make sure you take the pits out if they haven't already been removed)
3-4 T of unsweetened coconut
2 cups of raw cashews
1/4-1/2 tsp of pink Himalayan salt

Directions: In a food processor, add dates and process until it forms a paste. Scoop date paste into a bowl. In the food processor add the cashews and coconut. Process until there are chunks of nuts still present. You do not want to process until it becomes like a nut flour, that means you have processed too much! Add nuts/coconut to date paste. Sprinkle the salt onto. Combine the mixture with your hands until it is all incorporated into a ball. Separate into nine equal balls. Form each ball into a bar and wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate! 
There you go! Whole30 approved emergency snack! I tasted a little piece as I was making these and let me tell you what... these suckers taste very sweet! I think my sweet tooth is disappearing with the Whole30. I don't know if I could eat a whole bar because the dates are soooo sweet. I think they still taste good, I'm just saying that it is amazing how much our taste buds change when we eat whole and healthy foods! 

Later Taters!

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