Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 23 Whole30

Good afternoon!

This morning I slept in for once and it felt great! This was breakfast: berries, a few slices of banana, homemade pecan butter, and 2 scrambled eggs.

Lunch was my unstuffed peppers!
Dinner will be zucchini noodles that I prepped Friday. 
I had a pretty killer workout this morning. I planned it last night. I must say... I am loving the HIIT style of working out the last two days. If you are trying to read this picture it may be a little confusing. I took a screen shot of the notes in my phone, so start on the left. It ends with 6 pushups so then go to the right photo and find where it says 6 pushups and pick up there! I like to try to give people workouts they can do at home with little equipment. If you don't have a bench to use for this workout, find something you can use a a step up. You could use stairs or a chair. For the bench jumps, you could use a bench in the park or get creative and think of something else to use. If you do not know what some of these moves are, refer to yesterday's post!
After my workout, I decided to soak up a little sun since it has been rainy here for over 2 weeks. Once I got to the pool the sun only stayed out for about 30 minutes. I was pretty bummed, but some sun is better than no sun at all.
The rest of my day will be spent watching netflix and looking over notes and lesson plans for this week of classes.


Later Taters!

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  1. Day 15!

    Breakfast: avocado, 2 eggs
    Snack: mango chunks
    *ended up taking a nap*
    Snack: watermelon
    Dinner: chicken, brussel sprouts, zuchinni
    Snack: 1 hardboiled egg, watermelon


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