Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 13 of the Whole30

Good afternoon cupcakes!

Sorry for another boring food post, but my meals are exactly the same as yesterday. That's what happens when I prep food for all week because I don't have time to cook with grad school. I'm hoping to blog about some food this weekend since I will have more time to cook! You can refer to my blog post yesterday for what I am eating today. Link here: Day 12.

If you missed my grocery list one of my previous posts, you can find that here: Grocery List. If it changes at all after I actually go to the grocery, I will let you all know! 

This morning I did an ab workout. I did this video (total ab workout) three times for a total of 30 minutes. Tonight I will do some walk/ running on the treadmill while watching my favorite show on Netflix currently: HEROES! 

Some Whole30 thoughts today....

My parents and sisters are very supportive of my choices and goals (even though they tease me every once in a while and I can take it!). There are so many delicious recipes out there you can make for your family, that they might not even know they are Whole30 approved! Prepping and planning ahead is one of the keys to success during the 30 days, and I even think it is important post 30 days! It makes eating healthy easier. Another one of my thoughts today is everyone's journey is going to be a little different. Personally, I have food allergies/ intolerance to dairy, gluten, and peanuts (never actually been tested, but have completed an elimination diet last year). This is why I love hearing about other people's journeys. The Whole30 has helped many people from people who struggle with emotional eating to people who have been cured from illness. It is amazing what food can do for you physically and emotionally! 

That's a wrap on my random thoughts for today!

Later taters!


  1. Day 6

    Really struggling today. I eat clean, so I am not sure why today is such a struggle. Maybe I need more water (I didn't get as much yesterday as I usually do).

    Exercise: 50 min weight lifting (legs)

    Breakfast: coffee with coconut milk, banana, 3 eggs
    Lunch: kale, mushrooms, tuna
    Snack: 3oz chicken
    Dinner: grilled veggies, tilapia, sweet potato
    Snack: coconut milk, apple

    LOTS of water!

  2. Great job with lifting weights! I love leg workouts! If you refer back to the post about the timeline of the whole30 experience maybe it will normalize your feelings. The food sounds good! I am in love with eggs and avocados currently!


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